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At Locksmith Barrie we work with all manners of keys and locks to help ensure the security of your residence or business.We also deal with installation of more complex security systems like closed circuit television (CCTV) or vaults. Every now and again it may be necessary to replace your locks because of wear and tear or because they’ve been compromised or broken.

Our Locksmith Barrie professionals come to your home and do this for you, and they are better than their competitors because they are simply more passionate about their work. At Locksmith Barrie, our Locksmith Barrie are craftsmen who know the history behind their work. Locksmith Barrie came from blacksmith, which involved work with metal and steel. During the middle agers blacksmiths started creating battle pieces for their king and horseshoes for their knight’s horses. They started doing more lock work, and some began to specialize. And thus Locksmith Barrie was born.

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Locksmith Barrie technicians have worked with all sorts of different locks: We work with Padlocks, Deadbolts, Knob Locks, Lever Handle Locks, Cam Locks, Rim and Mortise Locks, Euro Profile Cylinders, Wall Mounted Locks, Interchangeable Core Cylinders, Furniture Locks, Vending and T-Handle Locks, and others. To see if we can help you with your Locksmith Barrie related situation, give us a call today. We understand that break-ins happen; our business thrives because of it. Our concern however, is to help you secure your home and vehicles, which we do not because we are businessmen but because we are people. Recently two men in Barrie are facing a combined set of 96 charges in a Barrie area vehicle theft investigation. Don’t let it happen to you, call us and let us protect your vehicle from break-in by installing high security measures. How about your home and business? Break-ins happen, with what appears to be high frequency. See for yourself by checking out the Barrie Police website for Barrie. Once criminals pinpoint your home you better have a strong security set up.

Locksmith Barrie can you help you make locks that’ll put a stick in their machinations. We specialize in increasing home security; for instance we can come to your home and have sensor lights installed so that would be thieves would be scared off as they approach a building. You may be asking yourself: Do I really need a security system? Perhaps the better question to ask is, why don’t you think you do? When you come to a decision on this then you can contact us. Give us a call today to see if Locksmith Barrie is right for you. You can call us at: 705-812-1336, or contact us at our e-mail,

Call Now: 705-812-1336

If you want come visit us at our storefront at: 28 Dunlop St W Barrie, ON L4N 1A2 . Contact us today to see if Locksmith Barrie is right for you. Call today, if we can’t answer the phones, leave a voice mail with your information so our customer service representatives can call you right back. Our lines are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for customer convenience.